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hello, are you home
4:09 p.m. on 2003-10-07

If I wanted to start writing in here again would anyone still remember me? I am such a flake for not keeping up with this thing, that I would feel so dumb, saying I was going to do it. I live with two girls now, a couple of cute lipstick lesbians. I am still doing dumb ass stuff, like today, thinking I was all alone, I walked out of the bathroom buck ass naked and yep, there I was full frontal nudity at its best. I am sure the last thing my roomie wanted to see was me naked. I know I don't want to see either of them naked, even though they both are so cute. I do get a lot of flesh shots though. Well, this is going to be a sad ass post until I get with the program which starts tonight at 10. I am going to go running then I am going to write something in here. If anyone remembers me, can you just say hi please. love ya Alvie

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